Web design and development go hand in hand. From the very first steps of a new website build, our graphic designers and web developers work closely together. They ensure every site we create is both functional and beautiful. (They even sit right across from each other.) Here’s an in-depth look at some of our favorite features of three sites they collaborated on last year. 

Miguez Fuel & Lubricants

Miguez Fuel & Lubricants is a local, family-owned lubricant and fuel supplier. It needed a site reflecting their unbeatable customer service, quality focus and expansive industrial knowledge. We wanted users to get a feel for the company right away on the homepage. We produced a hero image with animations and layered visual components. It features video of their facilities, trucks, and employees in action. 


Take a look at the hero image we created for Miguez Fuel and see what we're capable of.


Another highlight of this site is the custom-created online ordering platform. Miguez needed a very technical and functional sales portal. We delivered—without sacrificing design. Multiple user roles and screens allow clients, salespeople, and administrators to interact. In the end, the client received a website that not only told their story but also enabled its staff to do their jobs better. 

The Louisiana Office of State Examiner: Fire and Police Civil Service 

The Louisiana Office of State Examiner represents a technical, vital service. It provides support and guidance to maintain quality law enforcement and fire protection for the Louisiana residents in rural and urban areas. Their services include testing and employment of first responders. 

The homepage banner showcases animation when users hover their mouse. This feature helps to lead the different types of applicants where they need to go. To further facilitate their experience, a robust testing map and portal helps applicants see when and where all professional testing occurs throughout the state. Additionally, our team modernized and beautified government agency forms and other resources.


The Louisiana Office of State Examiner is always having testing throughout the state. So we created a map for their users to find where they need to go.

The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana

The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana needed a beautiful site to match their spa-like offices and aesthetic services. Their holistic philosophy helps clients look and feel their best, so their site has to be as high-performing as it is attractive. 

We started by streamlining their content to best appeal to a user’s perspective and functionality. Organizing their services under hair, face, skin, and body helps interested clients explore solutions to their aesthetic concerns. To uniquely facilitate this navigation, the menu morphs into a full-screen with an animated sidebar. 


Aesthetic Medicine deserved a site that was easy to navigate and looked good at the same time. So we made them a menu that morphs into a full-screen with an animated sidebar.


Right on the homepage, a parallax effect in the hero image slider mimics the curves in the clinic’s logo. The animated echoes patterns seen elsewhere on the website. A final visual interest includes a video background headers on the parent level pages. Overall, the attention to the user’s visual experience represents the company’s attention to detail. 

Gatorworks For Baton Rouge Web Design 

We also launched a refresh of our own site last year. Much of the new-and-improved Gatorworks.net took inspiration from our creatively designed office. For example, the hexagon design elements echo our front desk area. Additionally, custom icons on our capabilities page help visually organize our services. There’s a reason we’ve been given numerous awards for web design and are considered a top web design firm. 

Check out more examples of our web development and design work. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram to see future updates. If you’re curious about what Gatorworks’ web services can do for your business, reach out!