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What’s The Cost?

Much of digital marketing boils down to basic statistical analysis. Consider an e-commerce website which averages 1,000 visitors per month and has a 1% conversion rate at $500 per conversion. So, each month this website is generating 10 conversions at an average of $5,000.

Many people will immediately try to increase the volume of their traffic. This is not a bad instinct. More traffic should theoretically mean more conversions, after all. However, think about if we could move the needle on the conversion rate without touching the amount of traffic the website attracts. A mere 0.5% increase would generate an additional $2,500 per month for this website. Obviously, this is the first thing the company should be looking to do, and that small increase in conversion rate will pay for the work that is required many times over.

Now consider if the improvement were not incremental, but exponential. From 1% to 10%.

How Can You Do This?

There’s no perfect guide for how one can increase conversion rates. But, often the problem lies with the way the website functions or is designed. For instance, if the website is six years old and no longer adheres to the best practices for search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, user friendliness, or pagespeed, it is not going to be able to generate business leads the way you’d hope. A slow website, one with an outdated design, or just the lack of calls-to-action can all deter users from wanting to do business with you.

Online marketing is a subtle psychology and a soft science, but there are a few hard-and-fast facts. The most important one is that faster is better and right after that, mobile-friendly is absolutely necessary. Half of all website visits are now originating from phones and tablets, which means it’s becoming increasingly necessary to cater to them. Giving users a bad experience in the form of a slow loading site or a website design that does not look good on mobile devices is a sure-fire way to send them to your competitor. Not only that, but Google is helping by demoting your site in the rankings if it loads slow or is not mobile-friendly. Similarly, a poor website design could be driving users to drop off your website in droves.

Can You Afford It?

The real question is: can you afford not to have a great website? With more traffic, better conversion rates, better chances of showing up in search results, and better user experiences, the investment in a great website will justify itself over time. Now, are we suggesting you blow your budget? Of course not. What we are suggesting is that it might not be as simple as it seems. Consumers are increasingly getting their information online. That means the source of business leads is moving online more and more. Your business needs to go where the leads are or be left behind.

Explore A New Website Design

We’re happy to speak to anyone who is interested in learning what goes into Gatorworks’ process of designing, building, and strategizing websites. We will walk you through our process, how long it takes and your involvement, as well as describe what we do to build websites that generate leads. Contact us here to learn more about the website design and development process we use.