The Inbound Marketing Path

If you are familiar with the world of digital marketing, you are probably aware that Inbound Marketing is one of the most important things you can do to improve the overall quality and quantity of your traffic, leads, and business. However, one thing that is often intimidating to people is getting started on developing an Inbound Marketing strategy.

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While there is definitely a lot that goes into a campaign, developing your Inbound Marketing game plan is the first step towards success.

Inbound Steps to Success

1. Differentiate your own brand. What makes your company stand out from your competitors? Why should a potential client choose you? Is it your experience and expertise? Is it a product or service guarantee? Make sure that you have a legitimate reason for people to become a customer.
2. Develop your target audience. In fact, take it a step further and develop involved buyer personas that will help you visualize who you are trying to sell to and why they would want or need you in the first place. This will help you develop the right campaigns and the right content.
3. Understand your goals. What action do you ultimately want your prospects to take? Many people use “get more traffic” as a goal, but this will always leave you feeling unfulfilled. More than traffic, you want to turn leads into customers. Whatever a “customer” means to you, that is your ultimate goal.
4. Do the research. Once you understand the audience and your goals, think about the content you need to develop to turn them into customers. What keywords are your audience using to search? What types of topics are they interested in? Knowing the answers to these questions, you’re ready to start writing your content.
5. Figure out where your audience is. Does your target persona live on Facebook? Spend a lot of time on Linkedin? Are they Pinterest addicts? Knowing where your audience spends their time will help you make the right decisions when you are marketing to them online.
6. Connect the dots. The biggest challenge is the final step. You need to connect the dots and create a meaningful relationship between your brand, your buyer personas, their goals, and your goals. Ultimately, your goal should align with what they need (their goal).

Get Help

If you can put all these things together you will have a successful Inbound Marketing campaign. It is definitely a lot of work, and takes quite a bit of time to make it happen the right way. If you would like to learn more about how Gatorworks can help you develop and execute an Inbound Marketing campaign, simply click the link below to get started!