I receive periodic emails from my friend Alex Velasquez over at Legacy Consulting.  I believe he usually tends to time his email blasts with holidays or generally recognized changes in the calendar year such as a new season or the beginning/end of a quarter of the year.  The emails are typically short and sweet, yet powerful.  I particularly enjoyed the one I received today from Alex.  It reads:

Every success requires discomforts. It demands that we do things that we don’t like to do. So when inconveniences arise, look at them as necessary for growth and excellence. After all, we should desire pleasant results much more than pleasant methods.

It’s little tidbits of insight such as this that remind me of the tenacity that is required to be successful.  Feel free to visit www.consultlegacy.com for further information on Alex’s company.  Alex is also involved with the Wolf Creek Business Growth Institute where I will be sending one of my sales guys for training later this year.  Feel free to visit www.wolfcreekbgi.com for more information.