Social media has quickly become a very important and highly productive tool for businesses in all industries. If you don’t have social media accounts, customers will become suspicious of how legitimate you could be. Customers want to opt in, they want to engage with you. With updates to advertising and account management, Facebook is making your job easier and more efficient. Here are a few of the ways the features of Facebook for Business have grown and can help to improve your business’ promotional reach in your market:

Facebook Ads

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Facebook has evolved from basic posting on business pages to being able to create, update, manage, and track digital advertising campaigns from the comfort of your own account. With updated options ranging from mobile or desktop-only placement, you are now able to control where your audience is seeing your ads. Businesses can even control the appearance of the ads from the visual aids to the content in the post. Additionally, you are now able to control the amount of advertising dollars you spend daily, making your campaigns completely customizable to your needs and capabilities. Facebook Ads Manager has also streamlined campaign data tracking for goals such as delivery, engagement, reach, and more.

Facebook Messenger

Business pages can engage with their audience via Messenger and continue the conversation from a comment or timeline post. Messenger is a valuable tool for communicating with customers, especially since the number of Facebook users communicating on the app is increasing by millions every year. Facebook Messenger is already in the palm of your audience’s hands, why not use this to your advantage?

Audience Network

One of Facebook’s most exciting new features recently has been their Audience Network. When promoting posts or creating ads through Ads Manager, you are now able to choose to promote via their network of participating websites, apps, and providers, exposing your message to even more of your target audience.

Scheduling Postssocial media management company in baton rouge, gatorworks

Posting on business pages has become more user-friendly over the years, especially with the addition of scheduled posts. You are now able to create engaging posts including videos, images and other content for future postings. Posts can even be saved as drafts for later review or you can post in real-time as you always could. This tool is very helpful for staying on top of your calendars and not scrambling every day to get content to your audience.

ServicesFeatures of Facebook for Business, services

In an effort to bring even more business solutions to Facebook, now you are also able to showcase various services your business offers. Users can add photos, descriptions, and prices to your business page so visitors can understand your brand even better before making a buying decision.

Explore New Features of Facebook for Business

Facebook understands that digital advertising is changing through the years. With the ever-expanding ways to do business on Facebook, we believe businesses of any size, in any industry, can feel confident in their decision to promote their brand using this extraordinary social platform. Gatorworks is keeping up with the changes to features of Facebook for Business pages and helping clients succeed. If you’re ready to take the next step with your online presence, contact us for your own social media review.