What is one of the best ways to keep Top of Mind Awareness with your customers? Keep in touch! With an email newsletter you can market your services to clients and prospects in a low cost way. Here are five tips to ensure the success of your email newsletter.

1. Give them a reason to open the email with a good subject

The first thing that you do when you look at an article is read the headline. Same thing goes for an email; you read the subject. Make it attention grabbing and give it a hook to entice the reader.

2. Write original content that provides solutions to a target audience.

Write to a specific group. When you address problems people can relate to, they feel like you’re writing directly to them. (Which you are!) Solid, original content is important. No matter what your area of expertise, write about what people want to know about. Write about the solutions to their key issues. Be a resource. Give them a reason to hire you.

3. Don’t use big words!

We are often tempted impress people with large words. Write as if you were speaking directly to your ideal client and do it in a conversational tone.

4. Get them to look forward to receiving your message.

Post often, but don’t overdo it. I think the golden spot is between once a week to once a month. I set up a calendar with article subjects and dates. Have a reserve of articles written and ready to go so that if an emergency comes up, you won’t miss your deadline. Readers get used to your schedule and notice when an issue is missing.

5. Invite readers to provide feedback, questions, and topic suggestions.

The goal of all this is to get people to like and trust you. Leave it open for feedback, questions, or topics to talk about. Inviting feedback opens up a one-way communication into a two-way conversation. People appreciate the opportunity to give you their opinion or ask a question.