Neighbors Federal Credit Union website designed by Gatorworks

We were pleased to be able to participate in the design of the new Neighbors Federal Credit Union website. We hope customers of Neighbors FCU will experience an improved user experience.

Mobile Website Design

Neighbors went into the new website design with the need for mobile design first and foremost. Concerned their members were not getting the right digital experience on their phones and tablets, they charged us with creating a website that worked aesthetically and functionally no matter what browser size.

Updated Site Structure

Additionally, we were faced with a large number of pages in need of organization and flexible content areas. Carefully taking into account the different online integrations as well as the need for tables, forms, and calculators, we designed each page to be versatile.

Custom Web Solution For Rates

Along with its high volume of pages and content, we needed to ensure that financial rates could be updated across all pages. We created a custom solution that allowed Neighbors to change rates all in one place, automatically updating each rate regardless of whether it was in a table or within a sentence on a completely different page.