Gatorworks Welcomes Two New Crew Members

February 17, 2016

As our client list grows, so does our team, and as our team grows so does our need for a little more elbow room. Which is why we have this fantabulous new conference room! (Cue trumpets)

Gatorworks, web design baton rouge


But I digress. Gatorworks is thrilled to welcome two new employees: Trent Hill, our new SEO & Digital Marketing Strategist, and Natalie Rabb, our fresh-faced Graphic Designer.

Natalie Rabb, Trent Hill, Gatorworks


You can read Natalie’s formal bio here, and Trent’s here.

But for fun, we thought we’d get a little informal and ask them some questions, interview style.

Me: So what made you guys consider a career at Gatorworks?

Trent: If I’m being honest? The chance to join a company that was pretty clearly on the way up played a big part in it. But, also the chance to get into proper digital marketing and expand my toolbox was a major pull as well. With a young CEO, I knew it’d be a fun company to be part of, too. I’d been offered jobs in the past by traditional ad agencies but they seemed…staid. This seemed innovative.

Natalie: I always wanted to work in a firm environment where I could work with other designers, coders, and in other parts of the business. I also wanted somewhere with a diverse client base across a lot of industries. Gatorworks had everything I was looking for, from the internal people in the office to the clients, to the modern furnishings of the office. I felt it would be a great place for me to learn other parts of the business and develop my current skills more, as well as build a vast portfolio and make connections.

Me: Have you seen the new Deadpool movie? And what did you think?

Trent: Uh, yes! I saw it Saturday. I was a fan as a kid, read the comics and such. So, I was really hoping it would stay true to the theme, the Merc with the Mouth, you know? And it did it justice. As much as people pick on Ryan Reynolds, he was perfect for the role.

Natalie: I haven’t yet, but I’ve heard good things. I need to go see it.

Me: What do you hope to accomplish with your new career here?

Trent: I’d like to discover new tools and refine the skills I have. That means learning to help clients be more successful in every sense, whether it is SEO, Social Media, Adwords campaigns, or content creation.

Natalie: I’d like to learn to develop websites and work with the developers more, make connections in the design world, and improve my digital design skills.

Me: Since you guys both like to read, what type of books do you read and are there any you recommend?

Trent: I read everything, though I tend towards non-fiction stuff on economics, politics, history, etc. However, I’ll make a recommendation that’s historically-based fiction. It’s a book I first read when I was 16 and have read every year since then: Stephen Pressfield’s Gates of Fire.

Natalie: Hmmmm… there are so many. I probably read two genres most, and that is psychological thrillers and fantasy and/or dystopian novels. Books I have enjoyed: Red Rising (currently reading), Gone Girl, Silo Series, Wayward Pines… and of course the classic fantasies: The Hobbit, Harry Potter, etc. 

Me: What makes you excited to come to work every day? Or rather, what keeps your work fresh and still interesting day after day?

Trent: Right now everything is fresh and interesting, not only every day but each hour. I’m still jumping from one thing to the next, grasping with concepts and tools and new clients. Once things settle, though, I’m sure it’ll just be the ability to help our clients that gets me up in the morning. We don’t succeed unless they do, that’s a powerful binding force.

Natalie: I love having all types of clients with different needs. It keeps work interesting when I can work on a more corporate business and a more fun business, and of course do web design and branding, all in the same day. Things aren’t monotonous with so many diverse clients.

Me: Where’s your favorite place you like to eat in Baton Rouge?

Trent: Rum House. No ifs ands or buts about it. Caribbean food is amazing.

Natalie: Louisiana Lagniappe.

Me: If there was one thing you could say to your FUTURE self, what would you say?

Trent: My future self is probably awesome. Like, unreasonably cool and handsome. So, I’d probably just tell him to have a little humility. In all seriousness, extra doses of humility never hurt anyone. So, that.

Natalie: That I have no idea. *laughs* I think my future self probably knows more than my current self.

Thank you Natalie and Trent. We are SUPER STOKED to have you guys join the team!