Today I had the pleasure of visiting with Ms. Ware’s 9th/10th grade business class! My good friend, Trammie Anderson whom I serve with on the board of AAFBR, has been working with the students over the last 6 weeks in conjunction with Junior Achievement. Trammie, who is a graphic designer at Lamar, has been teaching the students the principles of entrepreneurship and the tools needed to start your own business. So, on the final day of the Junior Achievement course, Trammie invited me to come speak to the students about my business. I enjoyed telling the students the story of starting Gatorworks at a young age (17), and I reminded them that it’s never to early to start planning your future. The students were very engaged, and it was encouraging to be surrounded by so many future leaders in our community.

At the end of my talk, the students played a multimedia presentation that they had put together as a going away gift for Ms. Trammie. The presentation was put together very very well, and I think I was in the presence of some future business owners in the room.

Congratulations, students, on all your hard work. I wish you all the best!