Having a timeline for business pages have been required since 2017. But do you really know how to use them? If you’re not using your Timeline to the best of its ability—you might be missing out on opportunities to get more interested customers! Discover how a Facebook timeline for your business can change the name of the game.

So What Do I Need?

A good place to start is a cover photo. Instead of having a row of business-related photos at the top of your page, choose a large photo on top. (Your profile photo will appear in the left corner of this photo.) This gives you the opportunity to create a unique, high-quality Facebook presence for your business. Make sure to choose a cover photo that reflects your business’s values. An extra bonus would be to add a slogan! Make sure your cover photo is in line with your branding and matches your business page’s profile picture or logo. After all, your Facebook page reflects on your business.

Make frequent and detailed updates. Your page should definitely see some love. Many consumers appreciate business pages that have a steady flow of content. This content should show updates of your office, examples of your work, and reminders of upcoming events. Also consider sharing links and articles related to your industry for added value content. With these, your customer-base sees that you are an authority on your product and/or service, while also learning how to interact with your brand and whatever you have to offer them. Make sure that these posts are detailed, but not too wordy. This way, your customers are interested, but not overwhelmed or underwhelmed with what you’re offering.

Having a fully stocked “About” tab lets everyone know who you are. This space should tell customers everything they need to know about your business. But it’s up to you to ensure that all of the information is not only there, but correct and up-to-date. Ideally, you want to answer the question, “What can this business do for me?” Make sure your summary is concise, but still well-written. If your page looks as if a robot filled it out, your customers will have a harder time connecting to you on a personal level.

Lastly, take advantage of the private messaging capabilities. You can send messages to customers who have joined your page. Not only is this a great way to connect to your customers, but it’s also a marketing plan in disguise! You can use this to send targeted messages to customers who might be interested in a particular sale or follow up on a customer concern.

Begin On Your Successful Timeline For Your Business

When setting up your Facebook Business Timeline, keep in mind that your content, look, and interaction is what keeps customers coming back. You want your entire page to look professional, but engaging so that you can grab their attention and encourage them to join your page.

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