Is OTT advertising for you? Find out from the Baton Rouge specialists at Gatorworks.

At a time like this, when we’re all home-bound more so than ever before, good marketing adjusts for and adapts to change. Among the changes in front of advertisers, there’s none more interesting than over the top (OTT) advertising! According to Neilsen Insights, COVID-19 has caused in some areas a 60%+ increase in streaming device usage. This exciting increase can be paired with unique targeting capabilities. Want to go after OTT users in homes with 4+ bedrooms in certain zipcodes? No problem. Want to target users who frequently read and make above a certain income? Easy peasy.

These targeting capabilities combined with the ability to measure foot-traffic attribution means that now we have trackable results to go along with your TV spend. That’s most useful for in-person businesses, though obviously this is less applicable in the midst of the Quarantine-in-Place orders.

Combining this rise in streaming television with Gatorwork’s unique targeting capabilities, you’re positioned to take advantage of the growth of OTT in Baton Rouge!

How Your Business Can Benefit From Binge-Watching

We’ve all been there, sitting down for a solid few hours of watching Netflix shows. Whether it’s “Tiger King” or “The Office” for the fifth time, there’s an undeniable appeal. But while Netflix is the most well-known system, it’s far from the only one—and they don’t sell advertising (yet). Outside of paid subscriptions like Netflix, there’s a world of OTT TV with a wealth of advertising opportunities for you. 

With more people than ever cutting their cords, the inventory for this service has never been higher, yet the competition is quite sparse! Gatorworks has access to a myriad of unique services as well: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android, and Chromecast streaming services, Playstation and Xbox streaming, and the ever-popular Roku, you’ll be able to find your clients wherever they’re watching! 

The World of OTT Advertising Expands with the Programming

Many times when discussing advertising, the word “programmatic” comes up. While this plays a role in OTT advertising, the programming is equally important. It may come as a surprise, but plenty of the big players in the cable TV space are making a name for themselves with streaming TV as well. ESPN brings the latest in sports action, E! and Lifetime provide the best in dramas, while channels like the Food Network and FoxNow bring their bingeable content right to your couch on demand. Add A&E, MTV, TNT, and HGTV and you’ve got an alphabet soup of incredible publishers, all supported by your ads and viewed by your customers.

Targeted OTT Adds Another Dimension

It’s been the standard television advertising game to target people based on shows that appeal to your core audience. That means accepting that a certain percentage of the people who see your ads aren’t your target market. However, there’s now a better way. What if you could target your core audience regardless of what they’re currently watching? You wouldn’t have to wait for them to tune in, rather you could catch them wherever they are! 

Gatorworks has that capability! Demographic targeting crossing paths with OTT advertising for a glorious marriage of viewer engagement with your ads! There’s no better time than when everyone’s cooped up at home, making excellent use of streaming capabilities and viewability percentages. Getting in on the ground floor of this growing medium can uniquely position your business as a pack-leader for local OTT advertising. It’ll pay serious dividends down the road! 

If you have more questions, you’re already ahead of the curve! Start your process with Gatorworks. To begin, either give us a call at 225.924.6109 or contact us online.