OTT/Streaming TV

Combine the impact of TV with the precision of digital marketing. You can finally reach those binge-watchers, cord-cutters, and on-demand junkies.

OTT stands for “over the top,” as in those services outside traditional cable or satellite TV systems. These connected televisions (CTV) use the internet—think Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire, for example.

The Benefits of OTT and Streaming TV Advertising

OTT stands for “over the top,” as in those services outside traditional cable or satellite TV systems. These connected televisions (CTV) use the internet—think Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire, for example. But, more and more users are taking their streaming with them on the go. To reach them, we can also advertise on streaming content from phones, laptops, and tablets.

When it comes to targeting, we can get as specific as you need. With addressable geo-fencing, we can target a list of homes you provide or determined from behavioral and demographic information. For example, do you want to target homes with at least three children in four specific zip codes? We can tell you how many homes fit that description and target them accordingly. Additionally, with keyword contextual targeting, we can advertise to specific users based on their Internet browsing habits. If they’re reading about the type of services you offer, we can advertise to them while they stream!

Reach those consumers whom you can’t target with traditional TV ads. Additional benefits of OTT include: 

  • Non-skippable, immersive content format.  
  • Engaging with a unique audience that is committed to the content it is consuming.
  • Serving ads in-app or in-browser, including geo-optimized targeting capabilities.
  • Accessing and buying premium OTT inventory on the same centralized platform as your display, mobile, video, and native campaigns. 

Gatorworks OTT/CTV Inventory

Gatorworks has access to the following devices, exchanges, and publishers to provide premium OTT/CTV inventory.

Supported Publishers

We have access to an almost endless amount of publishers to maximize the reach and frequency of our clients ad placement.

  • ESPN
  • Yahoo!
  • CNN
  • HGTV
  • Comcast
  • A&E
  • MTV
  • TNT
  • Dish Network
  • E!
  • Pluto TV
  • Vevo
  • FoxNow
  • NFL Network
  • Travel Channel
  • Food Network
  • Time
  • Lifetime
  • USA Network

  • What is OTT advertising, and how does it differ from traditional TV advertising?

    OTT (over-the-top) advertising involves delivering advertisements via internet-based streaming services, bypassing traditional cable or satellite TV. Unlike traditional TV advertising, our OTT advertising in Baton Rouge leverages advanced data analytics and precision targeting, enabling more accurate campaign performance measurement and the ability to reach specific demographics efficiently.

  • How do I ensure my OTT ads are seen by the right audience?

    To ensure your OTT ads are seen by the right audience, Gatorworks leverages advanced targeting options available through OTT marketing platforms. These options include demographic targeting, geographic targeting, and behavioral data, allowing us to deliver personalized ads to viewers in Baton Rouge and beyond based on their interests and viewing habits.

  • Is OTT advertising suitable for businesses of all sizes?

    OTT advertising is versatile and suitable for businesses of various sizes. Gatorworks provides scalable OTT solutions tailored to your marketing objectives, making it an effective strategy for local businesses in Baton Rouge as well as large national brands aiming to engage specific audiences on streaming services.

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