Are you more of a music listener or a podcast person? Either way, you’ve probably heard advertisements during your streaming experience.

Also known as programmatic audio ads, these audio-only ads range from 0:05 seconds to a full 0:30 and are newly available through Gatorworks’ chosen demand-side platform (DSP). Programmatic audio ads are available as inventory on Spotify, Apple Music, and other premium streaming platforms. They can run on music or as tie-ins with podcasts.

These ads are capable of running on the following platforms, and more:

• Spotify
• Pandora
• TuneIn
• Soundcloud
• AdExchange Networks

According to, around 214 million audio listeners are expected to tune into digital streaming platforms this year alone. The best way to capitalize on this growing audience is by adding audio ads to your advertising repertoire.

Why Choose Audio-Only Ads?


A well-engineered marketing campaign will engage your audience in every stage of their buyer’s journey. Ideally, your prospect can receive your ads via social media, streaming television, and upon a Google search for your product. For a holistic strategy, you shouldn’t leave audio out of the equation. Ads complement each other well when they are served across various channels.


How often do you have as engaged an audience as streaming listeners? Consider this scenario: your prospect is on a cross-country road trip and is listening to Spotify throughout. Their attention remains undivided. Consider these essentially non-skippable. This is an ideal scenario. 

Bucketing Based on Quartile Completion

A particularly useful feature of programmatic audio ads is being able to segment your audience further based on their listening habits. If a person tends to skip an ad after five seconds, you can customize their ad experience by serving them five-second ads. Alternatively, your full-length ads can reach people deemed less likely to hit the skip button. 

Ready to Boost Your Brand’s Reach With Programmatic Audio Ads?

For clients already running targeted display ads with Gatorworks, incorporating audio-only ads will be a cinch. Our parent company, Guaranty, provides professional-level audio recording capabilities. Perhaps you’ve already run radio with Guaranty/Gatorworks for your business — the process would be very similar. Your dedicated account manager would do the heavy lifting on creative conceptualization (with input from your team). You would then have access to professional voice actors and on-air radio personalities to narrate your audio spot in addition to a full-scale team of audio producers.

If you’re familiar with our Targeted Display capabilities, you’ll be pleased to know that the same strategic tactics can be applied to audio ads. For example, we can geo-fence your programmatic audio ads to run only within a certain radius or geographic area. Similarly, we can retarget prospects who have already visited your website or physical store with audio. Using keyword search prospecting, we can also engage your audience with audio ads if they are in-market for your product (for example, if they have searched for your product or service on Google recently.)

Sold yet? We thought so. Ask your account manager about incorporating programmatic audio into your strategic advertising suite today!