With such a fun brand and an amazing product—an adventure through an iconic Louisiana swamp—Gatorworks was excited to take on Airboat Adventures’ website and digital marketing presence.

The Website

Every good digital marketing strategy starts and ends with a website. Working with Airboat Adventures, we built a website perfectly suited for the digital marketing strategy we created. Using fun, interactive features such as videos and cinemagraphs—and critical search engine optimization (SEO) tactics—we not only entice leads with the website, but also keep them there to convert into customers.

Key Features


Any movement on a site can be eye-catching, but sometimes the subtle movement can bring the most awe and wonder. Cinemagraphs are where pictures meet video—have the movement and intrigue of a video without the huge file size or annoying sound. We utilized to cinemagraphs on certain pages to add sleek movement to the Airboat Adventures website.

Variable Page Parts

Our digital marketing team and our website team worked in tandem. We designed and built a layout for main pages like Tours or landing pages for Google Ads that allow for all types of content. In creating these flexible page parts we accounted for all types of content and presented customizable, dynamic pages.

Digital Marketing Efforts & Success

We began working with Airboat Adventures in June of 2017 for both SEO and PPC. Over the course of a year, Airboat Adventures saw enough growth that they contacted us to build their website and provide the same services to their other company, Adventures of Jean Lafitte. This is the perfect example of how we grow alongside our clients. Their success is our success.

SEO Success

When it comes to SEO, we’re proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish—grabbing numerous #1 rankings for incredibly competitive keywords. More importantly, we saw extraordinary increases in organic traffic.

The increase in website traffic led to hundreds of additional phone calls and online bookings for this tour company. By developing high-quality content that led to more search traffic, we increased the visibility for Airboat Adventures in this saturated industry.

PPC Success

Airboat Adventures recognizes the big role pay-per-click advertising plays in tourist decision-making. So, they have allowed us to pursue an aggressive, but controlled, campaign to capture relevant traffic. And it worked, resulting in 1,543 conversions in 2018. Those conversions consisted of online tour purchases or tracked phone calls. This represents the trackable business leads or purchases generated by Google Ads, but many more leads could have resulted from these efforts that cannot be tracked via analytics due to user behavior.


Every facet of our digital marketing plan came down to creating an unforgettable experience for the user. We wanted them to remember Airboat Adventures when visiting New Orleans or looking for something fun to do with a group of friends. By ensuring its ads and website were top-of-search and top-of-mind, we made Airboat Adventures as memorable as their product—an adventure!