The mission of the Baton Rouge Food Bank is to feed the hungry in the Greater Baton Rouge area.

This mission cannot be accomplished without a way to reach volunteers, donors, and members digitally. Gatorworks’ mission was to give them a bigger, better, and more storytelling-driven website.

The Project

Throughout the website process, we kept asking ourselves one very important question: how easy is it for people to give? Whether giving food, time, or money, we needed to ensure visitors always have these options available on the website. These could be through an ever-present navigation, simple buttons, contact forms, and clear, intuitive calls-to-actions (CTAs). To encourage giving, we worked with the Baton Rouge Food Bank to create prominent features and posts to share heartfelt stories of real people dealing with hunger.

Video Page Headers

Videos tell a story. For a local food bank doing so much good throughout Baton Rouge, we wanted to show that story in an unobtrusive way. Adding videos to headers of the key website pages showcases the work and the people of the organization in an eye-catching, unique way.

Member Center

Baton Rouge Food Bank wouldn’t be anywhere without its steadfast members. To serve them information, forms, and updates, we created a simple, straight-forward section of the site. This area is password protected to only allow members login access to their information.

Project Summary

Gatorworks is proud to have worked with such an outstanding non-profit organization as Baton Rouge Food Bank. It is our hope their new website reflects the invaluable good they provide to the community as well as encourages others to volunteer or donate to help those in need.