Cardiovascular Institute of the South has spent nearly four decades providing the highest quality care to patients using state-of-the-art technology.

The Project

Cardiovascular Institute of the South wanted to grow its online presence to continue delivering essential cardiovascular care to patients new and old. With the aid of our digital marketing and design teams, we have helped to surpass client expectations.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our digital marketing team continues to provide the Cardiovascular Institute of the South with search engine optimization on an ongoing monthly basis. From keyword research to backlinking, each site page and blog post is built and written with valuable internal and external links and targeted key phrases to draw in new patients.

Google Ads

The Cardiovascular Institute of the South has 23 clinic locations throughout Louisiana and Mississippi as well as another 11 locations for telecardiology. Our team of PPC specialists built a highly targeted account focusing on keyword ad groups such as general cardiovascular terms, as well as specific conditions and treatments that a user might be searching for.

Targeted Display Ads

Gatorworks designed various targeted display ads centered around preventing health concerns and raising awareness of the services found at the Cardiovascular Institute of the South. 

To increase reach, we implemented search retargeting and keyword research. This included building out a keyword list relating to cardiovascular treatments and conditions. Now, once an end-user reads a site page or blog with these keywords, they are eligible for targeted display advertisements. We used these same principles for site retargeting. After viewing the Cardiovascular Institute’s home page, these visitors will be eligible to receive CIS branded targeted display ads.

Following the introduction of the Leg & Vein Center, our team crafted advertisements to promote the newest branch of the institute. Using eye-catching visuals and purposeful copy, each ad encourages patients to seek better standards of health with the aid of this world-renowned cardiovascular practice.

Over the Top Advertising (OTT)

Our team used OTT advertising methods to boost traffic for four of the Cardiovascular Institute’s locations: Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, and Houma. Using addressable geofencing, we were able to target homes and neighborhoods of potential new customers with valuable video ads that go straight to a user’s smart TV device. We also utilized the same list of keywords from our targeted display ads for contextual and search retargeting efforts.

Project Summary

With careful research, expertly tailored graphics and content, and the addition of OTT ads, Gatorworks has helped this business expand its client reach and patient volume.