Medical Training College (MTC) is a highly specialized career school preparing students for healthcare careers.

With the goal of increasing student leads, MTC reached out to Gatorworks to create a digital marketing strategy encompassing a brand-new website, PPC, SEO, and targeted display advertising.

The Website

MTC’s campus is nestled right within the heart of Baton Rouge, with beautiful buildings, great instructors, and small, intimate classes—perfect for hands on instruction—as well as the convenience of night classes! Keeping in mind these excellent selling points, we created a website that allows users to easily see the available programs and the benefits of the school as a whole. We felt the best way to showcase this was through a looping video, clear call-to-actions (CTAs), and a bright, colorful, resort-style aesthetic design.

Flexible Page Templates

Many pages within the site allowed for a variety of different content. Whether Google Ad landing pages, program pages, or government-required pages, we ensured each page could be easily manipulated based off the type of content needed. For pages with a lot of frequently asked questions or data-heavy statistical information we created hide-and-reveal page parts. This feature condenses walls of text into a box of content with which the user can interact. We also included places to add video, three different CTA designs, and other parts to make the pages dynamic and customizable.

Lead Driven Design

More than anything else, we wanted to make it easy for the user to locate information and contact MTC to start their admissions process. Placing buttons and CTAs in the navigation and within the program and admission pages, we remind the user of the opportunity to start at any time, without feeling too obtrusive.

A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan

In the early days of our relationship with MTC, we focused primarily on search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising efforts to increase website traffic and lead generation. After seeing success with both of these services, our digital marketing plan expanded to encompass both email marketing and targeted display advertising.

Their Success is Our Success

Under the guidance and strategy of Gatorworks, total conversions (phone calls and form submissions) rose from 1,750 to 2,135 over two years—a 22% increase for a business that has long advertised aggressively!

Call Tracking

We also implemented call tracking to accurately track calls placed from our digital ads and landing pages.

Project Summary

With an attractive new website and a digital marketing plan strategically targeting online users, MTC was primed and ready for success. Thanks to Gatorworks’ efforts, they hit online marketing goals with flying colors!