With over 20 years of experience and 60 affiliate clinics, Premier Health is a recognized leader in the joint-venture urgent care industry.

Premier Health came to Gatorworks seeking help with their online presence. We engaged our production and digital marketing teams to help.

The Project


Premier’s B2B business model was central to how the website was crafted. The challenge was communicating the reach of Premier’s network of affiliated clinics while also encouraging NEW partnerships. Our goal was to create an intuitive, beautiful website to fuel partnership leads for the Premier team. 

Digital Marketing

With more than 17 clinic groups spread across three service lines, there were many moving parts to this project. The overall goal was to drive foot traffic into the existing partner clinics and put Premier in front of potential new partner groups. To accomplish this, we crafted a robust strategy from the onset of the project. It was especially vital to keep detailed documentation of the number of clinics falling under each group and their locations, as well as the budget, services, and tactics for each. 

Key Features

Urgent Care Centers Map

The Urgent Care Centers map showcases Premier’s success partnering with more than 60 clinics spanning seven states and Puerto Rico. When users click on any of the purple-highlighted states, the relevant urgent care centers—with their important business details—populate underneath the map in response. The “Filter by State” dropdown option offers another route for users to see which clinic group is associated with each state.

Geofencing Targeting

Geo-fencing is the most advanced location-based mobile advertising technology for targeting users based on specific areas. With this tactic, we identified potential customers and served them with relevant ads for their needs.

Project Summary

Through the combination of a fresh, strategically crafted website and multiple digital marketing service lines, Gatorworks drove brand awareness and foot traffic into Premier’s partner network of clinic groups. Since January of 2019, Gatorworks delivered 65,559,233 impressions, 268,327 clicks, and 72,752 conversions for Premier Health and we expect success to continue to grow.