You’re spending money on an effective marketing plan to drive traffic to your website. But is your audience going to like what they find? Web design from a template or automated website software does nothing to enhance your user’s experience. And worse—it may cost you a conversion. 

Don’t skimp on your design. With custom web design, you can highlight your branding to its fullest potential and make sure that your site is SEO-friendly. And by creating a unique experience for your audience, you’re more likely to drive a sale or conversion. You won’t find original design elements or customer experience coding from a template. A business like yours deserves better than “good enough.” Here’s why you need custom web design from our Louisiana marketing agency.

1. Craft a Satisfying User Experience / UX

Site design templates create a bland, cookie-cutter viewing and usability experience for your audience. You know your audience best. So why not customize your site to appeal to your customers? User Experience (UX) Design plays into how your audience feels when using your application, visiting your website, or interacting with your brand. With unique UX design, you can craft a memorable, positive experience for your end-user that can create loyalty to your brand. These feelings may come from an eye-catching landing page. Or maybe its responsiveness creates unique user interaction. With the help of skilled designers (like ours at Gatorworks), you can develop a dynamic website with clean usability on any device. 

2. Improve SEO and Visibility

When you opt for custom web design instead of a template, our Louisiana agency can also make sure that your site looks great and performs in different web browsers. Engaging content, high-quality linking, and captivating design both increase the number of time visitors spend on your site and can help you rank better in search engines. And with an agency that understands the best SEO practices, you can further boost your business’ reach. If you don’t take SEO into account, you’ll notice a decline in organic traffic and online search rankings. Our marketing agency can ensure that your custom web design not only looks great. It’s also SEO-ready.

3. Increase Scalability

A well-rounded site has more than just a few pages. As your business grows, so should the content you put out. This means you need to add blog pages, custom landing pages, new services, and more. Or if your company expands and gains new locations, your custom design can accommodate that growth. But there is also such a thing as going too far. With a professional touch, you can get just the right amount of valuable content. With custom design, you are ready to expand and scale your site whenever the necessity calls. And, this lets you easily keep up with an ever-evolving market.

4. Find Unique Ways to Showcase Your Brand

Your branding is not just your logo. Your brand is the lasting impression left on your audience. That means that your website should be built with these principles in mind. With a web design template, you can slap your logo on a generic background that speaks nothing of your brand. But with custom web design from our Louisiana digital marketing agency, you can lace your branding through each page of your site. This creates a more compelling and coherent experience for your viewers.

5. Collect Essential Data

While your website should look nice on the surface, it should also contain the tools you need on the backend for continual growth and improvement. With Google Analytics and other methods of data collection, you can monitor who visits your website, which pages drive the most traffic, and what pages fail to push conversions. This is invaluable information that you can use to make essential changes or decisions that benefit your company. And with a custom-designed website, you have the flexibility to update or rebuild as needed.

It’s essential that your web design is analytics-friendly. You can make sure your custom design plays nicely with your analytics tracking with a few key design elements.

  • Let each of your products and services exist on different pages.
  • Create a blog page within your website with its own directory.
  • Include a contact form on your website, not just a link to your email address.

These elements give you actionable, trackable elements built right into your website. You won’t find this in an editable web template. But with custom web design, you can make sure that your page elements are on-brand and beneficial to collecting data.

Get Custom Web Design From Our Louisiana Professionals

Don’t waste money on a boring website. Let us help you craft a memorable user experience and generate new business. For custom web design, get in touch with our team at Gatorworks, a Louisiana-based digital marketing agency. Give us a call at 225-924-6109 or send us a message to begin. We can create a gorgeous site that functions smoothly across platforms, and we can enhance your business with a marketing plan customized for your needs. Reach out to us today to discover your digital solutions. Need more help figuring out how to choose a web design company? We can help, we’re happy to take a consultative approach and explain the process to you.