Do you know how your logo isn't your brand? Find out with the professionals at Gatorworks!

The terms brand and logo are often used synonymously. In fact, many use the word “brand” when referring to a logo (think McDonalds’ arches). However, your logo is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg that is your company’s brand—there is a LOT more going on below the surface. Let’s dive in to better understand these terms and why they are important to your business.

What is a Brand?

Your company’s brand is one of the biggest and most important pieces of the puzzle. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, tells us, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” In other words, it’s how the world perceives your company. This perception is created through firsthand experiences, word-of-mouth, and gut reactions. At its core, a brand is that visceral feeling a person has about your company. Additionally, your brand is the foundation informing the rest of your company’s creative—especially its logo.

What is a Logo?

At its core, a logo is a symbol used to efficiently identify a brand. To help illustrate this, let us consider our favorite technology company: Apple. 

When you walk up to an Apple store, the sign at the front doesn’t read “Apple Computers, Phones, Watches, and Tablets.” Instead the company simply puts a small apple with a bite missing from it. How is it then, that customers see it and instantly know the brand? The answer: magic (kind of). When you see that apple, your brain magically connects the logo to the company and its products. What’s even more magical? You’re also likely to remember past experiences you have involving Apple when you see the logo. In other words, you connect that image directly to the company’s brand.

Is your logo the empty box you need?Your Brand and Logo Must Work Together

Think of your logo as an empty box you fill with your company’s brand. The box can—and should—be well-designed. But without something to put inside, it remains an empty box. Similarly, a logo without a defined brand is simply an abstract shape or composition of letters.

Consider, for instance, the Nike swoosh. To a person who has never heard of Nike, the swoosh would look like an ordinary check. To the die-hard Nike fan, however, they see the history, products, and their personal experiences with the brand. It is important to keep this in mind when creating a new logo. An evocative logo doesn’t just come from the mark itself, it also comes from experiences and memories a person has with your company.

Do your logo and brand come together?

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

When executed correctly, your brand and logo work together to form Voltron. Maybe not the Voltron you’re thinking of, but one in the form of a consistent brand voice accurately depicting and reflecting your company’s morals and values. Successfully implementing your logo with your brand as its foundation shows consumers who you are and what you represent. This applies both to the person who has known your company for years as well as someone experiencing it for the very first time.

How Gatorworks Can Help

Whether you’re coming to Gatorworks for online marketing, a website, a new logo, or all of the above, we keep your company’s brand top of mind. Maintaining a consistent tone and message throughout a user’s experience is pivotal to building and maintaining brand equity—which in turn leads to higher sales and more loyal clients.  

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