baton rouge digital marketing agency Gatorworks celebrates partnership with Guaranty


It’s time to celebrate! Baton Rouge digital marketing agency Gatorworks has been acquired by Guaranty Communications with both teams looking to amplify the other’s efforts. Brian Rodriguez will remain President of Gatorworks and continue to lead the team in accordance with the values he has emphasized for years. That includes high quality customer service and a commitment to forward-thinking website design, development, and online marketing services. The digital marketing agency is planning to continue to experience smart growth in Baton Rouge and beyond.

Brian Rodriguez founded Gatorworks during his time at LSU and later took the company full time, in 2006. Rodriguez has always insisted on high standards, whether it concerns the website design, development, search engine optimization, social media management, or pay-per-click advertising services. By partnering with Baton Rouge’s only locally-owned radio group, Gatorworks has the opportunity to deepen and expand local relationships while extending the suite of integrated marketing services for clients. Guaranty has been a staple in Baton Rouge for more than 90 years and is intimately involved in the community. This unique, local cocktail of traditional and digital marketing is something Baton Rouge companies and organizations will absolutely benefit from.

Why Did Gatorworks Join Guaranty?

Gatorworks was experiencing rapid growth and were charting a plan to become a force in the Baton Rouge market and beyond. However, Guaranty Communications was looking to partner with a digital marketing company in Baton Rouge and when they approached Brian Rodriguez, he had trepidations. One by one, those concerns were addressed and allayed and soon Rodriguez found himself convinced that such a partnership might be helpful to both companies. From a culture standpoint, Guaranty had many of the same values Gatorworks had been imbued with over the years. From a business standpoint, they too put client relationships at the center of their focus. Eventually, it became a question of “why wouldn’t we do this?” instead of “why would we?” The expanded resources and enhanced resources and relationships combined with the right plan to preserve Gatorworks’ independence just made too much sense.

Why Did Guaranty Acquire Gatorworks?

To put it simple, Guaranty knows that the digital marketing space is growing rapidly. In 2017, digital ad spend will exceed $83 billion, which is to say nothing of the wider digital marketing world of website design, development, and search engine optimization. Guaranty has already taken steps to get involved in this world by streaming all of their radio stations, interactive (think Twitter) radio station apps, podcasts, a brand new Over The Top Television Station for all of its local sports show which air on 104.5 ESPN, and much more. However, they’ve made the decision to jump into the industry headlong by partnering with a successful Baton Rouge digital marketing agency and after an exhaustive search, Gatorworks fit the bill.

What Happens Next?

For clients, the disturbance will be minimal. Gatorworks has already informed clients of the acquisition and our technologies and processes will remain the same. In late 2017, Gatorworks will make the move to an upgraded office that is more conducive to our business and culture.

If you are a Gatorworks client or prospective client and you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Brian personally at [email protected] or call him at (225) 924-6109.