Does Google and Other Search Engines Favor Big Brands?

This is a question that is often asked in the online marketing community. And to be perfectly honest, the answer is a bit muddy when it comes to branding.

Google, and the other search engines, do not favor one brand over the other. They do, however, want to provide their users with the information they desire and give them the best possible experience. People do tend to gravitate to larger, more engaging and exciting brands. They flock to them. It is the reason big brands slap their label on EVERYTHING. Google knows this, and for this reason, they are more likely to provide results from brands that we all know and enjoy.

Branding Helps Build Presence Online & Off

If you are looking to make a statement both online and off, developing a memorable logo and complete brand will help make that happen. You want your branding to reflect what your company does and what you care about.

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