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Advertising on the internet can be a little intimidating, especially for small businesses that don’t have mega marketing budgets. One of the major concerns businesses often have is if their advertising dollars are actually making a difference. It’s one thing to know that your ad was shown 100,000 times over the course of a month. It’s an entirely different thing to know those impressions actually created profitable leads for your business. So, how can your Baton Rouge digital marketing accomplish this? 

Businesses have never been alone in these concerns. For a long time, digital advertisers—both on the sales and fulfillment side—wanted to figure out a way to show a meaningful return on investment (ROI). It’s the Holy Grail of Marketing that everyone is in search of. With the proliferation of smart phones and their geolocation data, the solution was engineered.

It Starts With Geo-Fencing 

Geo-fences are virtual polygons traced on a satellite map. We can use them almost anywhere where people exist. When placed, we can record data interacting with these polygons through smart phones. For example, a coffee shop could geo-fence nearby businesses to advertise morning specials to caffeine-needing employees. Phones are constantly pinging cell phone towers, sending data, fetching emails and texts, updating social media feeds, and more. When this data passes through the internet, we can look at the location information the device is sharing and track it. Not only does this provide unprecedented geographical information, we are also able to glean other audience insights to continue showing the right ad to the right user at the right time. Geofencing gives marketers amazing opportunities to reach their ideal audience where they are, where they have been, and where they are going. 

The ROI Benefits Of Foot Traffic Attribution

Geo-fencing allowed for some great ways to reach an audience, but it still didn’t solve the ROI issue—yet. With some more ingenuity, geo-fences were able to give a point A to point B value. This foot traffic attribution unlocked the ROI the entire industry had been searching for! Now, we can serve an ad to a user who has entered one of our predefined geofences, but the journey no longer ends there. With foot traffic attribution, we’ll also know if that user visits your location within 30 days of seeing that ad. 

We can now provide a very accurate snapshot of users seeing your online ad and later visiting your store. Focusing on impressions, clicks, and other values, while helpful, don’t tell us if someone walked into your store and purchased a product. Now you can see exactly how many leads your advertising is creating. Additionally, you can track how well you and your sales team are closing these solid sales leads.

Get Real Baton Rouge Digital Marketing Results

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