We’re only in March and Gatorworks has already had a very exciting year so far! Not only do we have many interesting projects in the queue, we recently launched two sites for a family of restaurants which is well known in the Greater Baton Rouge Area: City Pork restaurants and their new venture, Southfin Poke.

When looking for an agency to design and develop their new restaurant websites, City Pork wanted a company that was local and understood the ins and outs of online marketing. We were honored to be chosen by these restaurants to design appealing websites. We are proud to showcase their brand new sites!

City Pork Website

City Pork Restaurant Website Design by Gatorworks, Restaurant Websites

When City Pork came to us with the need for a new website, we were thrilled to take on such a unique, fun group of restaurants that has taken the Baton Rouge culinary scene by storm. However, we did run into some challenges from the get-go. Unlike most restaurants with multiple locations, City Pork has three separate locations all with different menus, different styles, and different dining experiences. Each location needed to have separate menus, while still maintaining a consistent design and functionality across the site.

DELI & CHARCUTERIE – The original City Pork location, focusing on the individually packaged meat that customers could purchase and the delicious sandwiches and lunch specials.

BRASSERIE & BAR – A more upscale dining experience for dinner, happy hour, and brunch. The Brasserie & Bar menu is full of interesting, chef-special dishes that are influenced by a culmination of cajun cooking and various exotic cuisines.

KITCHEN & PIE – The latest City Pork family member is known for its homestyle cooking and southern charm for breakfast and lunch.

CATERING In addition to these locations, we also wanted to call attention to another important aspect of their business. With a separate menu and service needs, City Pork Catering deserved a section on the website similar to the locations.

Using a responsive design and a no-scroll desktop homepage, we drove the focus of the website to be their locations, while also featuring specials and events.

Southfin Poke Website

Southfin Poke, Baton Rouge Restaurant Websites

Southfin Southern Poke is from the same guys who brought Charcuterie to Baton Rouge. Poké is Hawaiian-style street food which, at Southfin, involved a dash of Louisiana lifestyle. The food is beautiful, so we knew a heavily emphasis on imagery would be important to Southfin as well as a “clean” look in terms of website design. We think the right balance was struck and we’re excited to see how the website evolves as we work to implement online ordering as well!

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