As one of the top social media networks available, YouTube consistently proves to be a fantastic source of information and entertainment. At any given time of day, over two billion monthly users worldwide are searching and watching videos on politics, sports, pop culture, and more. For businesses big and small—YouTube can be an invaluable resource for expanding your audience, creating leads, and generating sales through YouTube Advertising. 

Are you a Baton Rouge company looking to grow your business using YouTube Ads? Here’s how you can start.

There Are Six Types of Youtube Ads

YouTube offers a variety of ad formats to get your brand information in front of your audience. Determining which ads best serve your purposes is the first step, followed by developing an eye-catching and engaging advertisement. Just make sure that your ad follows YouTube’s guidelines. Here are the six ad formats that you can utilize to reach audiences via YouTube:

1. Display Ads

When you play a YouTube video, you’ll notice an ad located in the top right corner of the screen above your suggested videos. Since this ad format is placed right next to your featured video and often includes animation, it is hard to miss. This small-scale ad remains onscreen throughout your video, so make sure to draw your audience in by highlighting a new product or offer.

2. Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are short-format, unskippable videos that play before or after your video. Unlike 15-second non-skippable in-stream ads, these videos are no more than six seconds long. Since these ads are only on screen for a very short amount of time, they should be memorable. Animation, color, and captivating copy can deliver your company message quickly and effectively.

3. Sponsored Cards

This clickable ad promotes products or services related to the main content of the YouTube video. This is especially valuable if you are also creating and uploading video content to the platform. This only appears on screen for a few seconds in the top right corner, but an icon remains onscreen so that the viewer can browse any sponsored cards in the video. If the video is promoting a product or service, you can link directly to the product page to push a sale.

4. Skippable In-Stream Ads

These ads can be placed at any point during a video with the option to skip appearing at five seconds. This ad format gives you lots of wiggle room with an available 12 seconds to six minutes of playtime. Just be aware that the combination of a viewer’s short attention span and the ability to skip your ad can work against you. Make sure to hook your audience within the first few seconds of your ad video to keep them engaged.

5. Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads

These 20 to 30-second ads play before, during, or at the end of the YouTube video. Since there is no available skip feature for these advertisements, the viewer must watch the entire ad video. Make the onscreen time count with an exciting product push, customer testimonial, or brand story to make your impact.

6. Overlay Ads

Like display advertisements, overlay ads can only be viewed on desktop. These semi-transparent ads can appear in the lower portion of your featured video and will not disappear until the viewer closes them. Overlay ads can show both image and text. Use these ads to highlight a product or service in greater detail.

Why Should A Baton Rouge Business Advertise On Youtube?

YouTube Advertising is a fantastic way to maximize your brand awareness. With an audience that is continuing to grow, you can easily have your products or service seen by a wide audience through in-video or overlaid ads. Compared to other social media networks, YouTube advertising is among the more cost-effective and affordable advertising options. Campaigns can be set up in minutes and optimized with audience targeting and keywords. When running, you can easily follow your metrics and reporting through the “Analytics” tab on your Youtube account. 

We are all likely guilty of spending more time on YouTube than we should, watching through cat videos, live music recordings, or updates on current events. However, this also means that we have undoubtedly been served ads. These may drive a sale or simply bring your brand into various spheres of awareness—and they do it fast. If you have a Baton Rouge business and are looking to spread brand awareness, sell products, or drive more traffic to your website, YouTube ads may be the right choice for you.

Start Growing Your Business With Social Media Advertising

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