Let’s say your business has an upcoming sale you want to promote. There are plenty of methods to promote this to your existing customers. However, how do you get this out to new customers? With so many methods of digital marketing, how do you know which will work? When you want to reach new customers about an upcoming sale, targeted email is a great option.

We use a database of more than 140 million consumer and business emails. And of course, they’re all verified with recipients’ consent. This database allows us to help you find new prospects. In addition, our database allows us to target an audience based on a variety of interests and behaviors. Plus, we can suppress any emails you have on file from our audience. This helps to prevent sending to existing customers. This combination ensures that we are only relevant and interested leads.

Our targeted email database also allows us to target based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Industry
  • Job title
  • Sales volume
  • Company size

Targeted Email in The Real World

Each month, Bowie Outfitters approaches Gatorworks with a promotional idea. These are promotions that they want to get out to new customers. First, we develop our targeted audience. Then, our team develops strategic content and design geared towards their target audience.

Most email marketing platforms are only good for sending emails to current customers. However, not every company has a large or well-targeted email list of prospects. With targeted email, we custom build an email list for a specific target demographic. This ensures that Bowie is growing a new customer base each month.

Retargeting Ads to Email Recipients

So, you send your email out and someone opens it. They read (or more likely, skim) the email, and move on to something else. Now what? What happens next?

Our team designs a set of targeted display ads (animated banner ads) that complement the email. These ads are set up to retarget the user for 30 days after they open the email. This way, even after they open the email they keep receiving reminders.

For a set amount of time, they receive a friendly tap on the shoulder that says “hey, don’t forget about this great sale!” Above all, this method of remarketing helps improve conversion rates and drive sales over time.

How Targeted Email Works for Our Clients

Gatorworks has been performing these services with Bowie Outfitters for quite some time. Since the beginning, they have seen a substantial increase in sales. Despite being in the midst of a global pandemic, they have seen record-breaking results. Their sales have even managed to exceed previous years. This success has allowed Bowie to explore more digital marketing options.

Interested in Reaching New Customers with Targeted Messaging?

Interested in running a targeted email campaign? Choose a digital marketing agency with a proven track record. When you’re ready to get started, Gatorworks is here to help.

Our staff has experience in a variety of different digital marketing and web design services. We work with every type of industry whether your consumer or commercial. We’re confident that we can find a service that best meets your business needs. Contact us today, we’d love to talk about what we can do for you!