“You need to advertise on social media.”

You’ve been told this over and over by colleagues, the media, and trusted business partners. But most B2B business owners understand that traditional social networks like Facebook and Twitter are not always the best solution, no matter what online marketing companies tell you.

With more than 250 million users, LinkedIn is the #1 business marketing platform for B2B companies. In fact, more than 64% of all visits to corporate websites from social media come from this network. With these kinds of statistics, it’s pretty obvious why advertising on LinkedIn is essential to B2B success.

Why Should your Business Advertise on LinkedIn?

Like any other social network, setting up your business profile is only the first step to promoting yourself on LinkedIn. With 47.6% of its users spending less than two hours on the network, it is vital to place your business in front of potential customers while they’re online. Simply having a business page is not enough.

LinkedIn’s advertising platform allows you to create targeted ads, and then place them in front of the professionals that could be your potential customers while they are online. With demographic targeting, you can choose people by region, industry, job title and more.

Get Started with LinkedIn Advertising Today!

Thanks to the feature that allows for highly targeted ads, LinkedIn drives relevant traffic to your website and provides a lot of bang for your buck.

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