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Understanding Google Adwords and Pay-Per-Click Ads

Have you ever had a pest problem or water leak in your home? In those scenarios, you can’t waste time! Due to the urgency, you likely pulled out your phone or computer and did a quick Google search for help. Those first set of results you see are Google Ads. (They have a little green icon that says “Ad” in front of the listing) These short, sweet, easy-to-click links are known as pay-per-click, or PPC, advertisements. Managing these PPC ads is also known as search engine marketing. 

The ABCs Of PPC 

Lots of people put in lots of work into ensuring potential customers see those ads. On account of the competition, it’s tough to get one of those top three or four spots on Google. An experienced agency accounts for keywords, bidding, ad copy, and location targeting.

Many businesses employ the expertise of an agency for their Google Adwords account. An agency builds and manages the account and ad campaigns every month, and the client pays the allocated budget. Therefore, the client places a good bit of faith in the agency to use their money as effectively as possible.

Going Beyond the Ad Click & Monthly Budget

No matter your goals, your agency should provide you with monthly performance reports. You want to see a positive return on your investment. While some agencies focus only on impressions and clicks, an experienced agency focuses on their value. After all, you want quantity AND quality.  Placing value on actual conversions leads to quality interactions and that performance should be how your agency optimizes your campaigns. 

Optimizing Pay-Per-Click For Success

At the end of the day, your business’s success relies on new and existing customers. Therefore it’s essential your ads are not only geared towards impressions and clicks, but also for lead generation. Your dedicated Baton Rouge PPC agency ensures your ads force a conversion and action. 

These decisions (also known as conversions) can be a phone call, form submission, email sign up, or some other kind of online action. By tracking conversions and comparing other performance metrics, the agency assesses how to optimize your campaign. 

Questions To Ask A Baton Rouge PPC Agency

Here are some of the crucial questions to ask when exploring the addition of Google Adsinto your monthly marketing plan.

  • What is the most effective use of my monthly budget in Google Ads?
  • What keywords am I using to rank for various products or services?
  • What does my Ad Copy look like?
  • Once clicked, on what page do those users land?
  • Does the landing page follow best practices for attracting conversions?
  • Do the reports show how I’m spending my money, and do I see a positive ROI?

Pay-Per-Click Advertising With Gatorworks 

Ready to know more about how to maximize conversions through Google Ads? Love the idea of creating more quality sales leads? Baton Rouge PPC marketing agency Gatorworks would love to talk with you. Give us a call at 225-924-6109 or contact us online to discuss PPC or any of our other capabilities