Google Adwords Grants are given out by Google to worthy non-profits around the world. Could your non-profit use $10,000 in free advertising? Most could. Gatorworks can help you obtain a Google Adwords Grant and soon after your organization could be advertising online to thousands!

Google Adwords Grants, Non-Profits, Online Advertising, PPC

Double-check these items to ensure your non-profit qualifies. Your organization must:

  • Hold current charity status (in the United States, this means 501(c)3 status).
  • Agree to Google Grant’s requirements for the ad spend.
  • Have a functional, content-rich website .

Unfortunately, not all non-profits are eligible for Google Adwords Grants. Governmental organizations, hospitals and medical groups, schools, childcare centers, or universities are not permitted to participate in the program. However, philanthropic arms of educational organizations are eligible.

If your organization meets these requirements and you think your non-profit could benefit from online advertising, Gatorworks can help. We offer a discounted management fee to non-profits who want to pursue and utilize Google Adwords Grants. We will help you through the process, set up the Adwords account to target your audience according to Google’s specifications, and manage it for you on an ongoing basis to ensure you’re getting the maximum effectiveness of the grant.

This means more donations.

More volunteers.

More visibility within your community!

If this sounds like something your organization could benefit from, contact us today and get started earning free, highly-targeted, advertising online for your non-profit.