At Gatorworks, our culture is an integral part of our company. Our team members are more than developers, designers, and digital marketers. They’re well-rounded, talented individuals involved in the community with a large variety of experiences. Every single person brings something unique to the table. It’s apparent in our work, but we wanted another way to showcase our range. 

So, we introduced GatorTalks earlier this year to tap into—and strengthen—our unique culture.

So, What Is GatorTalks?

GatorTalks began in February 2020. Every month, a different Gatorworks colleague presents on a topic specific to their job or experience. Topics can include a niche aspect of their day-to-day duties, a fun comparison to illuminate their role, updates to a new process or technology, case studies, and more. 

Some of our past talks covered how to start a brand, explained the life cycle of a targeted display ad, compared account management to music composition, and dove deep into best practices for Google Ads

Why GatorTalks? 

Among our team, positions differ a great deal. A developer’s day looks wildly different from an account manager’s. Even among the digital marketing team, roles are so specialized that someone might not even know what their neighbor does every day. 

With GatorTalks, everyone can see a glimpse into their fellow coworkers’ professional lives. We believe this has a few distinct benefits: 

  • Cross-Specialty Awareness: While each of us has our own particular skill set and task lists—we’re still a team. Becoming more familiar with each others’ roles can foster empathy and teamwork. We want to avoid anyone becoming too siloed. A more collaborative team means more comprehensive work for our clients. 
  • Professional Development: Public speaking is an essential professional skill to develop, no matter your role. Gatorworks leadership is passionate about developing employees’ careers. With GatorTalks, everyone now has a chance to make a presentation, prepare, and present! 
  • Multi-Purpose Content: You might have heard it said that “Content is king.” Well, now we have an ever-refilling content machine in GatorTalks. These presentations can also turn into talks for college students, professional organizations, or our colleagues at Guaranty Media. A few of them will undoubtedly turn into future blog posts too. So, stay tuned! 

Digital Marketing, Digital GatorTalks

Even during the stay-at-home order during the COVID-19 pandemic, our team stayed dedicated to GatorTalks’ mission. We’ve all become very familiar with remote meetings. Therefore, it was a natural evolution to do GatorTalks remotely as well. 

Over Google Hangouts, our April, May, and June presenters took the challenge in stride and presented during social-distanced happy hours. Not only were we still able to accomplish the original goals of GatorTalks, but they served as fun events and team-building opportunities during this time of physical separation. 

Meet Our Marketing Experts 

We look forward to seeing how our team evolves the program even more over the coming years. We’ll always share updates of each month’s GatorTalks on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Keep up with our news and let us know what you think. And, of course, if our business’s culture and knowledge could help YOUR business grow, get in touch.

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