If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well… that’s not always the case. Just because something still functions, that doesn’t mean that it’s functioning optimally. Especially when it comes to your company’s website design. You may think your site looks fine now, but how much are you missing out on when it hasn’t been updated in years? Whether it’s meeting a new client in your office or online—you want to make a good first impression! For top-tier Baton Rouge website design, get the help your business deserves from the pros at Gatorworks.

Business Isn’t Quite Booming

What’s the biggest reason to refresh the look of your site? It could be chasing away potential business. Many newer customers are judging your website as the face of the company itself. And when it looks anything less than professional, it can cause many to discredit you and find business elsewhere. Putting effort into a site that looks as good as the work you do lets clients know that you mean business.

Changing Business Style 

The face of businesses change all the time. Even the most iconic brands don’t stay the same. Remember when Apple’s logo was the infamous rainbow apple? They’ve gone through three changes since then! So whenever you change things up, your website needs to change with you. You want to make sure clients know at first glance your site belongs to you. 

Your Site Is Difficult To Navigate

If your customers have to go through five links to contact you—that’s a problem! When your site isn’t very user-friendly or can’t be viewed across all devices, potential clients don’t spend much time on it. In turn, they could go elsewhere, in lieu of a site that is easier to use.

Web Design—A Piece Of A Bigger Puzzle

Have you stopped to think that design is just one of many issues? Who knows—your website might need more help than just with the design. A lot of work goes into a website to make it work like a beautiful, well-oiled machine. Using a multi-faceted agency like Gatorworks is a great way to reinvent your site and get it all done in one place. So call us today and see how our specialists can help with your design, development, SEO, PPC, and more!

Unlock Your Online Potential With Gatorworks’ Baton Rouge Web Design

How your website looks and functions influence any potential customers that come your way. Unlock your digital potential today with Gatorworks by utilizing our top-tier Baton Rouge web design.

Ready to begin your digital process? Call Gatorworks today at 225.924.6109, email us at [email protected], or send us a message online. For more Gatorworks updates and news, make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Let’s get your website looking better than ever!