Even if you’re lucky enough to have your health, the economic impacts of the current pandemic are growing. If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely been faced with some really tough decisions. We understand—this is something most of us have never imagined, much less prepared for. For those of us that can still invest in marketing, there are more decisions to make. Now more than ever, you need to make the right choices with your marketing and communication resources. 

Digital Marketing While Social Distancing 

digital marketing

We understand that many local businesses are struggling financially. But—if you’re able—there are ways you can utilize your existing communication channels to the betterment of your company—and perhaps the community. Since most people are homebound, location-dependent tactics such as geofencing or billboards might not be the best choice. 

So, what ARE good digital marketing strategies right now? Some digital marketing tactics are based on the keywords people search. People simply might not be searching for certain services right now. However, with search engine marketing, you’re only paying for the ads people click on. While people might not be searching as much, you’d be catching those that are and standing out among your competition without wasting tons of money. Additionally, search engine optimization plays a longer game. Take the time to build up your website’s content and search rankings. It’ll pay off over the coming months as things get back to normal. 

Email Marketing During A Pandemic

Take care of your community by communicating with them. Because everyone’s mostly staying at home, we’re on our devices more than ever. And depending on your business, email marketing could be a great way to stay in touch. Sending some encouraging words and company updates can go a long way in maintaining relationships. Keep them posted on how you’re doing and what options they have to engage with you. Especially if you have products or services that can be helpful during these confusing times. 

Stay In Touch Over Social Media

Utilize your existing social media platform to stay in touch with customers who can’t visit your business in person. Posting organically won’t add on additional media costs, but can still keep your community informed. Try to be creative and come up with engaging content. Questions, trivia, games, and other activities can enliven your community and offer a fun distraction. However, as with all of your messaging, be mindful of your tone. During these challenging times, ensure your communication is sensitive to the struggles many are facing. 

Some Things To Keep In Mind

Of course, there’s always more you can do or keep in mind. A few other things to consider during this time:  

  • If you’ve been planning to announce a new product or service, wait. Weddings, galas, and fundraisers have all been canceled or postponed. Your product launch or new business line should too. We understand how hard that can be—you’ve likely put so much work and money in an upcoming venture. However, waiting until things settle down will help ensure that your business gets the attention and success it’s due. 
  • If you can safely and confidently invest in other parts of your business, now’s a great time. You could support fellow local businesses such as photographers, printers, graphic designers, videographers, as well as website designers and developers
  • And remember, while things might be slow now, once social distancing guidelines can be relaxed, your business could experience a surge. Try to prepare for that as much as you’re able. Be ready to hit the ground running once your community is ready! 

We’re Here For You

Bottom line: if you can continue to market—market smart. And, if you need some advice, get in touch with the digital marketing experts at Gatorworks. We’re based here in Baton Rouge and serve clients throughout Louisiana and the rest of the southeast—including Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. You can call us at 225.924.6109 or contact us online. We’re also on social media on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter sharing tips and ideas. Better days are ahead for all of us, but know that we’re here for you until then.