Business Listings Help Google To Know Where You Are

We’ve all seen business listings, whether they’re on Yellowpages, FourSquare, Yelp, Facebook, or wherever else. You know the problem, you’re looking for the phone number for that store so you can call them to see if they have whatever product you’re looking for. But first, you have to find the number, or find the website. Business listings are what make it possible to find this information. Incomplete or conflicting information can not only be confusing for customers, but will result in penalties from the major search platforms, which then sets limitations on your company’s online visibility.

Gatorworks offers local optimization solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you have 1 location or 100, we will ensure that your listings are routinely monitored, graded for ideal performance, and updated with new information. For a nominal fee, Gatorworks ensures that when people search for your business, they will find it.


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Registering, Creating Consistency, Monitoring

Accurate business listings don’t just magically appear out of thin air. If you don’t cover all the bases, local aggregators will take the liberty of finishing the registration for you with whatever information they find first. Often this means information that is inconsistent or wrong is being distributed all over the web.

To help business owners overcome this frustrating problem, we submit your information to the major data aggregators that supply the search engines with location information. We primarily use Google or Facebook to filter information, both automatically and manually, down to these business listing aggregators. Those websites then syndicate the information to dozens of others.

This is the best possible way to control the information out there about your business. When people search your business, they want to find it. Help them.

Local SEO: Why Is This Important?

Consistent business listings are not only important because people need to be able to find and contact the business reliably, but also because local SEO rankings often depend upon the consistency of these business directories. If Google cannot figure out where your business is because of inconsistent listings, you will take a hit in the search engine results.

Ongoing Management of Your Business Listings

Once we complete the initial distribution of your business listings throughout the internet, they should be monitored in order to maintain accuracy. Our online dashboard allows us to routinely monitor the performance of your listings. We provide ongoing feedback regarding potential opportunities to supply search aggregators with additional content as a means of improving performance.

The dashboard and its reports can be reviewed at both the aggregate partner and specific business listing level, allowing us to review insights into which locations are performing well and those that require revisions. Listings are rated on a scale from 0 to 100 based on their overall “health”. Our team continually reviews these scores and determines if any additional pieces of information or content will help boost performance.

Gatorworks is a Digital Marketing Agency in Baton Rouge that specializes in website design, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. Contact us if you are interested in our affordable local SEO, business listing optimization solution.