As a growing business in Greater Baton Rouge it’s important to investigate every marketing resource out thereespecially newer ones. One new tactic you need to be aware of in particular is a service called geofencing. This service is still being discovered by companies big and small. As time goes on, its popularity only grows. But what exactly is geofencing? And what makes it so appealing to businesses? Rely on Gatorworks to provide you with everything you need to know about this tactic and how it might help your business grow. 

Wait, What Exactly Is Geofencing?

Because geofences are so new, people are learning about it each day. But many have a problem understanding all of the technical jargon. As experts in the field, we feel confident we can explain it in terms that everyone understands. 

The process begins with a special software utilizing GPS, or another similar application, to build a “fence”. This fence is a virtual boundary drawn around a specific building or location address. This does not have to be a radius or a square, we can draw any shape we like. This technology is accurate to within a 16-foot variance, or, 8 feet on either side of the line. When a real-life person enters these fences with their smartphone, their phone is pinged and they are then added to an advertising audience. Once in this audience the user will see your ads across their devices for a total of thirty days. This is pretty useful if you want to spread the word about your company or event. Although, there’s more to it than that. 

“I’m Geofencing On Facebook/Google”

We hear this a lot. It’s a common misconception that you can geofence using Facebook or Google and one that sales reps are not eager to correct. Unfortunately, this is more accurately described as “geotargeting” since Facebook and Google adhere to 1-mile radius minimums. If you’re a retail establishment hoping to geofence your ten competitors, this ends up covering an entire metro area instead of only those who enter those buildings. It makes a massive difference.

Let’s Talk Measurables

One of the benefits of geofencing is that it is a more measurable form of display advertising. Some of the things we’ll be able to report on include:

  • Impressions: The number of times your ads were served.
  • Clicks: The number of times someone clicked directly on the ad.
  • Click-Through Rate: The percentage of the time that an impression resulted in a click.

There are lots of other insightful metrics, too. Including: 

  • Foot Traffic Attribution
  • View-Through Attribution
  • Viewability By Domain/App
  • Performance By Geofence
  • Performance By Creative Type / Ad Size

We know this is a lot of technical gibberish. So, we’re happy to have a conversation about it! With both time, effort, and money put into these campaigns, we want to make sure you understand how we can measure their success.

Conversion Zones Measure Foot Traffic Created By Geofencing Ads

Imagine we have a coffee shop that wants to reach out to people that frequent area retail shops. We can not only serve ads to those people, we can then set up a “Conversion Zone” around the coffee shop itself and measure how many of the people who were served ads then walked into the coffee shop afterward. This is called an “action” and it is also a measurable we look at when evaluating these campaigns.

How Geofencing In Baton Rouge Can Help Your Company

Geofencing is changing the name of the digital marketing game as we speak. It is similar to billboards in the sense that we are looking for brand recognition amongst an audience. Where it differs is that it is more targeted toward that specific audience we want to reach. Additionally, it uses behavior to determine an audience, and it provides a direct click-through to your website that is trackable. You see, geofencing is all about location, location, location. Nobody said you have to only fence your location. What’s stopping you from fencing your competitor… or the supermarket down the street. Although, you don’t want to waste a fence (and the corresponding impressions) on a location that won’t get you any leads. 

For example, take a phone company like Sprint or Verizon. It would make sense to fence their stores, but it would be smart business to fence their competitors. Additionally, it’s also smart to fence locations that have people who might need phones soon. Like a phone repair shop. If someone’s current phone can’t be saved, why not serve them an ad for a new phone they can get instead? Like we said, the game is changing and we want you to be a part of it! Contact Gatorworks and begin geo-fencing in Baton Rouge today.

Increase Your Business With Geofencing in Baton Rouge!

As one of our targeted display strategies, geofencing is one of our most popular services. If you’re curious about getting your ads into the hands of customers, enlist the help of the pros at Gatorworks!

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