Reputations Affect Businesses

Your reputation means a lot to your business. Negative reviews and feedback can have drastic effects on the way people look at your company and your bottom line.

Why wait until these negative results creep onto the first page to do something about it?

Proactive reputation management is the process of building a positive online presence through positive reviews, a solid social media presence, and customer interaction to ensure that your company is seen in a good light. The more positive information there is about you and your business, the lower the chances are of negative reviews making their way onto the first page.

It’s also important to provide your clients a chance and a place to post positive reviews. We will help you develop a program to encourage people to post positive reviews on online review sites and personal blogs.

Be proactive. Contact Gatorworks to help you develop a reputation management strategy that focuses on building solid relationships with your customers.

Facts about Online Reputation Management

  • 70% of consumers consult reviews before purchasing
  • 97% of Consumers who purchased based on a review found the review to be accurate
  • 51% of consumers use the internet before purchasing
  • 75% of people do not believe companies tell the truth in ads
  • Facts like these show just how important it is to get positive reviews to the top of the search results. If you are not monitoring your brand online, you have no idea what people are saying about your business.

Don’t let bad reviews and press online become the bane of your existence. Take the next step and contact Gatorworks to develop a solid plan to increase and improve your online reviews and become proactive regarding your online reputation.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your business maintain it’s reputation online, give us a call today at 225-924-6109 or fill out our contact form and take the first step towards sustainable online growth.