Ryson Roofing is your local, dependable roofer, and they needed a local, dependable digital marketer. Namely, Gatorworks!

The Website

Like every successful digital marketing campaign, our work with Ryson Roofing started with a beautiful, responsive website. Redesigning their site ensured it would be able to capture leads and be easily indexed by Google. Our website work included the following:

• Structuring a sitemap with SEO-friendly page titles and organization
• Designing key areas for engaging calls-to-action (CTAs)
• Developing an up-to-date, responsive framework to make it easy for search engines to crawl

Variable Page Parts

In order to make the site as customizable as possible from page to page, we built out different sections for various types of content. By including videos, two-columns, and hide-and-reveal page parts (just to name a few), Gatorworks ensured each page could be built to house the required content. Designing for content needs, rather than retro-fitting content into an already-built site, is key to good website design.

Service Areas

Ryson Roofing doesn’t limit its service to Baton Rouge. Their team travels from Lafayette to Mandeville for their clients. The best way to target geographically, especially when considering search engine optimization (SEO), was to design a simple map highlighting these areas and directing users to city-specific pages. 

Digital Marketing Efforts & Success

Once the website was launched, Gatorworks created a fully integrated digital marketing campaign. A strategically designed combination of our capabilities delivered the maximum impact on Ryson Roofing’s target audience.

Targeted Display

Ryson Roofing has an important selling point for their customers: Ryson’s experts help customers file insurance claims on their roofs. Therefore, homeowners only have to pay for the insurance deductibles. Because of this, Ryson has a very specific target audience made up of a few key demographics. Using our proprietary targeted display software, we can single out specific users who match these demographics and follow them online with Ryson Roofing banner ads.


When business owners or homeowners discover a roofing issue, they often turn to a search engine for answers and options. Consequently, it was very important for us to optimize this site to show up in search results. In just a six month period we saw a significant increase in conversions and keyword rankings.


When people search for an immediate solution to their problem, they often choose the first name they recognize. Because of this, pay-per-click serves a significant role in this strategy. We built out a very specific account for Ryson Roofing resulting in good outcomes for their business. During the first six months of pay-per-click advertising with the new Ryson Roofing website, we saw great results.

Project Summary

As an already-well-known roofing company in the Greater Baton Rouge area, Gatorworks brought Ryson Roofing even more success through a highly functional website and a successful digital advertising strategy.