An Introduction to Inbound Marketing

You might have seen multiple mentions of Inbound Marketing on our site, but you may be scratching your head and wondering what that actually means. This form of marketing recognizes that traditional advertising may not be the best way to create leads and get people to consume information or make decisions about a product or service.

The Answer is Inbound Marketing

Think about it, many Internet browsers have ad-block now. When the radio station you’re listening to has a commercial, often you switch to a different station. On television we record our favorite shows and can fast-forward through the commercials. So, the question that we ask is how do we get people to consume our information willingly and get them one step further within the buying process? Inbound Marketing is the answer.

Inbound Marketing, Gatorworks

The Decision Making Process

Studies have consistently shown that upwards of 80% of B2B buying decisions are made before a person ever makes contact with a company’s sales team. Inbound Marketing has a “customer-centric” approach, which involves guiding consumers through the buying cycle while helping them make the decision to purchase without seeming to “sell” them anything.

How Does It Work?

Most forms of traditional advertising work by bombarding consumers with information they may not want, need, or be interested in. Inbound Marketing is less like putting up a poster, and more like offering a free sample. The focus is on creating quality content online that people actually want to consume and making it easily shareable.

Instead of pushing the information in consumers’ faces, inbound marketing allows the customer to pick and choose the content they want to read or share. The content then makes an offer to the consumer.

Want a free e-book on this topic? Just plug in your email and phone number.

Want a coupon for 15% off this or that? Just fill out this form and it’s yours.

These offers drive traffic and result in exchanges that allow the company or organization to capture the audience’s information so they can be marketed to in the future.

Ok, But Does It Really Work?

Undoubtedly. One of the industry leaders on Inbound research and methodology is Hubspot. Their “State of Inbound Marketing” report in 2015 showed Inbound leads cost 62% less than Outbound leads. It also found that 54% more leads are generated by Inbound tactics than by traditional paid marketing.

How Gatorworks Can Help

These are incredible numbers and they illustrate just how powerful Inbound Marketing can be when it is done the right way. At Gatorworks, we will work with you to put together an Inbound Marketing Roadmap, so that you not only get where you want to go, but also take all the right steps along the way.  If you want to learn more about this Inbound Marketing Roadmap or how Gatorworks can help you to create better content, then call us at (225) 924-6109!