Gatordeck Baton Rouge Graphic Design

Digital marketing can be overwhelming. There are so many options (and they’re continually changing)—you can feel like you’re missing something. That’s where a full-service digital marketing agency comes in. Experts know when to ante up, check, and call—so you’re never betting blind. When you’re under the gun, your online presence will be exactly where it needs to be. 

At Gatorworks, clients get the combined expertise of our entire team. That’s true whether you’re getting a full website redesign or using one of our digital marketing service lines. Specialists, strategists, developers, and designers all join forces to help you grow your business. 

Are You Working With A Full Deck? 

In poker, it takes the right hand to win. You need a perfect combination of cards to win a game with a straight flush or a full house. It’s the same thing when it comes to your business’s online presence. You need a precise blend of strategy, principles, and capabilities to reach your unique marketing goals. Trust our experts to help you get a full deck to deal YOUR best hand and get real results. 

Starting March 2020, we’ll be sharing one card per week on Gatorworks’ social media. Our Baton Rouge graphic design team will design each card. (So they’ll all be beautiful as well as informational). These cards help illuminate everything Gatorworks can do for your business. The right combination of these cards can unlock your online potential

The Four Suits of Gatorworks 

A real deck of cards has 52 cards, divided among four suits. To represent the four suits in our GatorDeck, we’re highlighting four of Gatorworks’ biggest specialties. These are the principles and best practices of design, development, and digital marketing, as well as all the capabilities of our targeted display service. 

  • Design principles will be featured on the suit of Clubs.  
  • Development best practices will brandish the suit of Hearts.  
  • Digital Marketing will represent the suit of Diamonds. 
  • Targeted Display capabilities will grace the suit of Spades. 

See The Best Of Baton Rouge Graphic Design 

Every Wednesday, we’ll be sharing one of the cards until—in 52 weeks—we’ve got a full deck. It all leads up to Gatorworks’ 15th anniversary in the spring of 2021. So, are you curious about geofencing? Want to peek behind the curtain of HTML code? Maybe you’re interested in how texture and pattern influence a design? There’ll be a card for that! Stay tuned to Gatorworks on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to see more. In the meantime, you can always contact us to start building your perfect hand.